About Us

Plasmalyte is a master distributor of plasma lighting products and offers our clients energy efficient lighting systems including grow lighting for greenhouses and other applications. We work with our clients to help build them a system that aligns with their lighting requirements and partner with electrical contractors for complete installation.

Plasmalyte works with clients globally and has active partners in Asia and the Middle East.  Plasmalyte is actively setting up North American retail distribution.  Please contact us if you have the desire to be on the cutting edge of a lighting revolution.

Plasma is an electrode-less lighting platform that eliminates most of the failure modes inherent to legacy metal halide and HPS lighting systems.   To create light, plasma uses radio frequency (RF) in the 440 MHz range to heat a metal halide fill.  This fill transitions into a high intensity plasma filament, a little sun floating in the quartz bulb.

Plasmalyte has been working with plasma technology for over five years.  We have reviewed the products of many vendors and are familiar with all the current plasma manufacturers.  Plasmalyte offers the best of the best, technology based on a Light Emitting Plasma (LEP).  LEP has been developed with the US company Luxim. The Luxim LEP light engine has already been incorporated into a number of luminaires from Stray Light Optical Technologies, Inc including Aquarium, Grow Light, Street Lighting, and Special Exterior/Interior Applications.