Aquatic Lighting

Light is important to the life of your aquarium. Aquatic plants and coral reefs need specific light to survive and flourish. The vibrant colors of marine animals need full spectrum light to shine and dazzle you and your visitors.

Our aquarium lights offer the highest color quality, intensity, and lifetime of any product available. Powered by cutting edge advances in plasma lighting, our fixtures leave other technologies in the dark. Let us bring your aquarium to life!

Plasmalyte is dedicated to developing and using the technology that leads to a better tomorrow. In this spirit we have become a leading designer and manufacturer of luminaires utilizing light emitting plasma (LEP). We also offer research & new product development services focusing on optics.

Our lighting can be used in for professional grade applications (our client list includes Disney’s Epcot Center) or in your personal home tank. Multiple reflector options and control setups ensure you get exactly what’s right for your tank.

Our knowledgeable staff consists of experts who can answer whatever questions you have about our products and are ready to help you invest in the right equipment for your tank.