Grow Lighting

Plants evolved in the sun. Plants do not absorb just one color. Plants have pigments which absorb every wavelength, even a bit of green. Over the course of a plant’s life, the mix of colors may change slightly, but the need for multiple types of light stays the same. In testing by independent growers and professional researchers, plasma grow lights have been shown to speed up production, promote healthy compounds in fruits (antioxidants etc), and bolster higher grade fruit sizes.

Week Six Tomato Comparison

Plasmalyte systems are designed to quickly and efficiently replace your existing HID lights using the same infrastructure. We offer multiple mounting options including hook, wire, and custom brackets. They are easy drop-ins on most electrical circuits because they reduce the load by 30-70%. Our fixtures can be ordered with input voltages anywhere from 100-480 volts. Please contact us with any questions on specifics and get your project started today. Fixtures are CSA/UL approved.