Why buy a Plasmalyte product?

Because we have designed, tested, and built our products specifically for you and your application.

Designed to Last – Our fixtures use patented thermal, optical, and electromagnetic designs from Stray Light Optical Technologies, Inc. The fixtures are robust, die cast and extruded aluminum. We powder coat and anodize the units in order to have a 20yrs plus lifetime on mechanical parts. All fasteners are stainless steel. Reflectors are German engineered, PVD coated aluminum. Our glass is tempered and has the highest transmission possible.

Tested For Quality - Plasmalyte fixtures have been field tested all over the world from rice patties in Japan to industrial greenhouses in Canada. Plasmalyte fixtures are reliable in the harsh environments typical of indoor growing and saltwater aquariums.

Built To Spec - The fixtures are manufactured in the Midwest by Stray Light Optical Technologies, Inc. Every fixture is built to order with your particular application in mind. Each unit is tested to rigorous efficiency and safety standards, boxed, and shipped to your doorstep.

Join the Plasma Revolution!

The current lights replace 400 Watt legacy systems (Metal Halide and HPS). In some applications the fixtures will replace up to a 600 Watt system. Plasmalyte also offers a line of supplemental LED lighting when customers need a boost of one particular color. For instance, blue LEDs might be desired for aquariums.  Order the best lights for your greenhouse, zoo, or aquarium!