Why Plasma

There is no reason to ever buy HID again.

Plasma has a better spectrum, a longer life, and pays for itself quickly. Plasma provides full spectrum photosynthetic active radiation (PAR); promotes faster budding, flowering, and fruiting; increases the quality of fruit; and shortens the overall growth cycle for most species of plants. In animals, it has been observed to increase health, promote higher activity levels, and better skin.

Plasma is a game changer.

Below you can find some more detailed information in graph form explaining the spectrum, lifetime, and return on investment in a little more detail.

Spectral Comparison

LEP offers professionals and hobbyists alike, the first real chance for artificial sunlight. The spectrum extends continuously from UV to IR.

Life Cycles & Lumen Maintenance

The fixture will last an average of 50,000 hours or over 7 years at 18 hours a day. Depending on your setup, you might be changing your current bulbs 3-7 times in that period.

Plasma Costs Less After Only 2 Years

During the special Kickstarter promotion, the plasma fixtures will pay for themselves within 2 years of purchase. In the example above, the Sunstream LEP fixture operates at 265 Watts using about half as much energy as traditional 450 Watt fixtures.