Zoo Lighting

To reptiles, sunlight is life. Reptiles depend on the sun’s intensity and full spectrum for their overall heath and quality of life. Most reptiles in captivity rely on the artificial equivalent of the sun to duplicate the light and heat they would receive in their natural habitat. And after extensive testing in indoor reptile housings, professional herpetologists have described LEP lighting solutions as “sunlight in a box.”

San Diego Zoo Lizard with Plasma










Our zoo lighting is designed to emulate the natural environment of your reptiles by combining the benefits of an HID lamp and a UVA/UVB light source in one fixture. In addition to full spectrum lighting, these premier LEP fixtures offer energy efficiency, extended lifetime, and versatile applications. Sealed optics and shielding offer your reptiles protection unavailable from traditional fixtures with open bulb designs. Contact our team today to discuss the best solution for your reptile habitat and watch your animals respond to the ultraviolet output of LEP!